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GlasGarten Aquarium

GlasGarten Aquarium  

Handmade aquarium tanks for highest demands

GlasGarten Aquariums are made of quality float glass or white glass. Float glass is the classic aquarium glass, which always has a slight green tint in contrast to the white glass. In this white glass green tint deleted by a special manufacturing method of the glass production. White glass (also Opti White or Clear) allows the layout, plants, fish and shrimp seem even brighter and more colorful... Total looks clearer, brighter and of a high quality white glass tank as an aquarium of classic float glass.

Our GlasGarten - Series consists of handmade aquariums in the highest quality, made in Germany. They met after years of development and uncompromising demands of the most popular aquarium layout designers worldwide.

Due to the special and expensive type of production, the GlasGarten Aquariums are not comparable to ordinary pool and for this reason so popular among professionals. Quality raw materials, their processing and professional due care in manufacturing, Enthusiastic guarantee the product. Every single aquarium is subject to quality control and comes with a 5 year warranty on the leak silicone bonding.

Data of the GlasGarten Aquariums

• no reinforcement braces, which brings out the beauty of the layout to full advantage
• transparent silicon bonding
• polished glass edges
• handmade, Made in Germany
• 5 years warrenty of the silicon bonding given by manufacturer

Available sizes

• The standard range includes classic Asian Dimensions of Natural Aquariums (effect on depth)
• From 31x18x24 cm over 60x30x36 cm, 90x45x45 cm up to 180x60x60 cm, as well as various intermediate sizes palette ranges

• Sorry, but different dimensions according to customer can not be realized.

Where I can get GlasGarten Aquarien?

The Aquariums of the series GlasGarten where build exclusive for the Garnelenhaus Company and can be ordered online under
» Garnelenhaus - Onlineshop.